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With Pay Theory’s virtual terminal, you can assist a customer in making a payment without the need for a physical terminal.


In This Article, We’ll Look At:

Where to Locate the Virtual Terminal

Payor Details

Payor Address

Payment Details

Navigate to the Second Page

Select Payment Type

Continuing with “Card”

Continuing with “ACH”
Double-check it Worked

Where to Locate the Virtual Terminal:

  1. Log into your Pay Theory account. 

  2. On the left-hand side of your screen, select the “Virtual Terminal” tab.

  3. You will be redirected to a new page titled “Virtual Terminal.”

Payor Details

  1. To add the payor’s personal information, select “Payor Details.”

  2. Type their first and last name into the text fields.

  3. Input their email address and phone number if the customer wishes to provide this information.

Payor Address:

  1. “Payor Address” is a fully optional section.

  2. If the payor wishes to provide their street address, city, zip code, and state, then type this information into the corresponding text fields.

Payment Details:

  1. This section asks for information about the transaction.

  2. Type the dollar amount that is to be paid into the textbox.

  3. Select one of two options presented for the “Fee Mode” dropdown.

    1. “Merchant Fee” (merchant pays fees)

    2. “Service Fee” (payor pays fees)

  4. Add the account number into the corresponding field if desired.

Navigate to the Second Page:

  1. Once all of the information on the page is filled out, select the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen.

    1. This will direct you to a new page.

  2. At the top of this new page, you will see the description of the payment and the amount to be paid.

  3. If any of these points are incorrect, select the “Back” button at the bottom of the page.

Select Payment Type:

  1. Below the description and amount to be paid are two options: Card and ACH. 

    1. Depending on the way the customer is making a payment, select the corresponding option.

    2. Our cash feature is not available for virtual terminals.

Continuing with “Card”:

  1. The “Billing Address” section is where you will put the address associated with the customer’s card.

  2. The “Card Details” section is specific to the card’s information.

    1. Add the name on the card, card number, the card’s expiration date, and the card verification value (CVV) into the corresponding text boxes.

  3. Look at the checkbox below. If the customer would like a receipt emailed to them, make sure the box is checked. If they want to opt out of the receipt, deselect this option.

    1. If they decide that they would like a receipt, type their email address into the populated box below. 

    2. To send an explanation for the payment to their email, as well, type the reason for the payment into the “Email Description” text box.

  4. Finally, select the “Make Payment” button.

Continuing with ACH:

  1. Under the “ACH” selection, the first section is titled “Account Type.” 

    1. This is where you have the option to choose if the customer is paying using their checking or savings account. 

    2. Select the bubble corresponding with their payment type.

  2. The next section is labeled “Account Details” and is where you will add their banking information. 

    1. Include the name of the person on the account, the account number, and the routing number.

  3. Fill out the email portion in the same step sequence mentioned above in the “Continuing with “Card” section.

  4. Once you are finished, select “Make Payment.”

Double-check it Worked:

  1. A verification message stating that the transaction was successful will appear after the “Make Payment” button is selected.

  2. If you would like to double-check that this went through, select the “Payments Home” tab on the left side of your screen.

  3. Under “Payments,” you should see the transaction with the “Succeeded” status.

Need Help?

If you run into any issues, please send Pay Theory a message directly to the email or submit a ticket at and we will be happy to assist you.

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