Understanding the Settings Page

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There are a few important aspects on the “Settings” page that help with the efficiency and effectiveness of Pay Theory’s portal.

In this Article, We’ll Discuss:

  1. General Terms

    1. Fee Modes

    2. Customer Support Contact Info

    3. Social Media Links

  2. Developer Specific Terms

    1. Merchant UID

    2. API Key

    3. Secret Key Management

    4. Native Apps


Fee modes: 

These fees are charged on each individual transaction. There are merchant fees and payor fees (which define who is in charge of paying the fee.). Merchant fees are taken out of the total amount of a transaction and charged to the merchant. Payor fees are additional fees added to a total and charged to the Payor at the time of the transaction. These fees can vary depending on your Merchant agreement but our defaults are as follows.

  1. Merchant Fee with Card: 2.9% of the transaction plus $0.30

  2. Merchant Fee with Cash: 0.4% of the transaction plus $0.40

  3. Service (Payor) Fee with Card: 3.95% of the transaction plus $0.30 (with a minimum of $1.95)

  4. Service (Payor) Fee with Cash: 3.95% (with a minimum of $1.95 and a maximum of $8.00)

Customer Support Contact Info:

This is where you can add your company’s contact information to the Pay Theory portal. This contact information will be displayed at the bottom of every communication sent from Pay Theory to your customer.

Social Media Links:

This is where you can add your company’s social media links to the Pay Theory portal. These social media links will be displayed at the bottom of every communication sent from Pay Theory to your customer.


Merchant UID:

This is your unique merchant ID that is assigned by Pay Theory. This ID is used to tie information in our system to a specific merchant account.

API Key:

This API key is necessary to process payments with our Pay Theory SDKs. You can think of it as a routing number for your pay theory account. It helps us authenticate and route our SDK to the proper merchant to ensure payments made with our SDK end up in the right place.  

Secret Key Management:

These secret keys are used to connect with our GraphQL API to Create, Read, Update, and Delete data from our system. One of these will be needed in the security headers for any calls made to our API. You want to make sure and keep these keys secret which is why we allow for them to be disabled or deleted in case they have been compromised. 

Native Apps:

Pay Theory goes through a process of validating any apps that connect to our system through our SDKs. To ensure your App passes this attestation process you will want to make sure and register your apps with our system. This is where you can add your app details to register it with Pay Theory.

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